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  1. Few Marketing Ideas During Events like Christmas

    We all know how crucial this period is to achieving sales goals, with a variety of parties and intensive sales days such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday . The end of summer is the best time to...
  2. Nissan Sentra will receive a variator and a powerful engine

    Such information was unexpected, because in mid-August the car was seen in tests with a manual gearbox.

    Japanese company Nissan is preparing for the presentation of a new generation of car Sentra....
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    LIFE Smart Watch by NOERDEN Review

    At NOERDEN, we are sure that the time has come to change something in the way we determine the time. You need to add a little style and exclusivity to this often trivial accessory - a watch. It all...
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    Packaging Trends in Today World

    As regards the materials used, particularly corrugated cardboard constitutes the choice element of PAV packaging. This is explained by the combination of two factors. Firstly, paper-based packaging...
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