I am playing tourneys on Pokerstars. I am using a customized HUD tournament profile. I have two groups. The first one is the one with the stats for all players, including Hero. The second group consists of only one stat: Live Amount of BB. I have set it to show for Hero only. Now at the table, the Live Amount of BB stat appears only once, but it seems to randomly pick a player, but not Hero. Sometimes it does track Hero at the beginning, but changes to another random player later on. If I were to include the stat in the first group for all players, then the stat shows alright for all players. But thats not what I want.I have tried a default profile also, with the same result. It doesn't seem to recognize Hero.Note that I have a preferred seat at the tables, but this is already accounted for in the Pokerstars Site Setup. Is it possible to tell Pokertracker to automatically switch between HUD profiles at a certain blind level? Thinking behind that is that at the early blind levels I don't need a bunch of stats occupying the tables.

Please help.

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