It's up to who you buy it from. There are websites that allow other players to trade directly with you in genuine dollars, which are generally much safer than buying from the store. In this case, large businessmen are often likely to be Blizzard radars. Either way, when you are a standard player and casually get a small amount of gold to meet your daily needs, you should be safe, but there is no guarantee. Checking out VHPG is always a good option - they have every quote from the average player, which is actually safer in most cases.

It can be safe or threatening. Really, it will depend on where you get the POE currency or where you get it.
The safest? Not surprisingly, the safest way is to grow your own. But it's also time-consuming.
Second safest? Invest from respected sellers. There is a market for gamers to sell to gamers. You can try: game virtual goods market and trading platform. Check the section "path to exiled currency".
By the way, I have never thought of gambling. Gambling is one of the most unsafe ways to get gold coins in exile. It is very time-consuming and risky.
Please let me know if you need more information and I will try my best to know how to help or guide you. Peace!
Exile: the latest expansion of ARPG, betrayal, was released today. This is a large-scale free update, which can reorganize the old alliance into the main game, introduce new master roster and new tasks, unify the hiding place, add new skills and enhance your dungeon exploration through the new map.
The biggest attraction is the immortal group. These mischievous scum and villain are committing magic crimes - Oh, no! -Indeed, they should not be allowed to do so. To stop them, you need to find members from four parts of the organization and break their plans. After beating them, all you have to do is make the new system very interesting.

Look, you don't need to kill them. Instead, you can interrogate and bargain with them to learn more about the organizational structure and who you need to contact next. You can even persuade them to betray their good friends. In essence, it's like the nemesis system in shadow / war. It's time to see more developers take a page from the book of monolith.
In the end, when you work online, you will find the identity of the syndicate's mastermind, but before that, you need to raid the security shelter and recruit senior members. The good news is that all these safe rooms have a lot of lovely loot, which is the real reason you save the world.