Some first round selections go on to dominate the NFL from their rookie season L.J. Collier Jersey , a la Peyton Manning.Others go the Aaron Curry route and are out of the league in three pathetic years.The label of bust is one of the most embarrassing titles to have bestowed upon an athlete that is expected to deliver a franchise from the muck and the mire. There are at least a handful of busts in each NFL draft, and where fans initially see a potential superstar, a stretch of disappointment is destined to be reality. From not working out with the team, to getting involved with the wrong crowd, to drugs, the opportunities to turn into a team's instant regret are much larger than being able to transcend the organization's expectations.What happens to those failures after the fact http://www.thetexansfootballauthenti...rsey-authentic , though? For some of the most infamous busts drafted in the last ten years, we'll take an inside look at their lives after football. From arrests to comeback attempts, coaching gigs to running a gym, the best of the worst have a wide array of life choices made after their time on the gridiron came to an abrupt end. Of course, a few managed to continue their careers, finding roles on other teams who think they can turn the bust's failures into some semblance of a productive career.Making it into the NFL is a massive accomplishment no matter what happens after that. Those first rounders have made more money in one year than most can expect to make in their lifetime http://www.seahawksauthorizedshops.c...e-blair-jersey , but the fact remains: the label bust will always be attached to these names.In respect to young players still finding their footing in this league the cutoff date for all busts has been limited to 2013, giving players drafted in 2014 and later a reasonable chance to prove themselves. Whether you support what Colin Kaepernick has done off the field, or on the sidelines of a field, there is without a doubt quarterbacks that are on NFL rosters that he could easily replace. Before he was forced to have offseason surgery before the 2016 season, Kaepernick was an established starter in the league who proved that with a good defence and some playmakers that he could lead a team deep into the playoffs. When he did finally play last year, after Blaine Gabbert proved he shouldn't be in the league Max Scharping Jersey , Kaepernick proved to be a viable starter, throwing for 16 touchdowns compared to 4 interceptions for the 49ers who were an absolute debacle a year ago. With that being said, we all know Kaepernick is not in the league right now, despite many showings from terrible starting quarterbacks this season. This list will be highlighting those players who have started an NFL game that have played horribly this season, teams that may have a better record if Kaepernick was starting for them, as well as backups who were put in a position to start due to injury. The last part is crucially important because as we saw last year with Derek Carr breaking his leg http://www.thetexansfootballauthenti...rsey-authentic , a team’s playoff success could hinge on the skill of a backup quarterback.