The magnolia blossoms, the white petals fluttering freely, and the flowery buds swaying in the wind, as if waiting for a suitable opportunity to fully bloom their long-lasting power, the magnolia blooms, the white crystal, the leader, but There is a faint sorrow that still remembers that March, the magnolia blossoms are flourishing, the afternoon sun is warm, the old people's home is very quiet, the old people are mostly nap, only a few old people are sitting in the yard, their expression is Sluggish and colorless, the cheeks are carefully carved with the traces of the years, the eyes are full of loneliness and lonely look at the old man's sluggish face, my tearful mother-in-law, vaguely see Grandpa working under the scorching sun, empty In the field, there is no wind. Grandpa bowed his back on the straw. Every step of the movement seemed to be very difficult. From time to time, he looked up at me. The air of his eagerness came from the hot air. The voice floated on the hillside and the grandfather Wrapped in my love, all the way to my growing grandfather's love is marching in this grass. Every day, every year, he is like a stubborn child guarding Own piece of days, he used his most devout tends to bow down to this piece of land, and I witnessed his relentless insistence by the attitude of a bystander. I always think that there are two kinds of years must be lonely, one is that the child grows up slowly, the other is that the old man slowly goes old and his father persuaded him many times, let him stop and rest, don't be so tired. He didn't talk, just smiled faintly, smiled very satisfied. There were too many things in my eyes that I didn't know. Just like the white magnolia in the village, it was beautiful and mysterious. I remember the day my father left the village. My hand stood at the entrance of the village and watched the train passing through the remaining blue smoke and the petals falling in the air. Grandpa said that it is a flower that will never die. I am convinced that it has always been I stubbornly thought that Grandpa would run like this forever, even for me, for my father. Until one day, he fainted in the field, he was lying quietly, young and ignorant Wholesale Cigarettes, I gently moved the head of the ground to my lap Parliament Cigarettes, just to make him more comfortable. My hand stroked his faint breath. In the call of the duck, I slept heavily and woke up, already at home. Time is like the sand in the hand, slowly slipping away from the fingertips, taking away the grandfather's youth, leaving only the vicissitudes of life slowly, I found that my grandfather's body is getting worse and worse, and he can always hear him in the middle of the night. Coughing, I heard that he tried very hard to restrain his voice. When he saw him getting out of bed and wearing clothes and walking outside the house, I wanted to call "Grandpa", but my throat was blocked. Like, only uncomfortable. The coughing outside the door always caused my nose to be sour. He began to inexplicably have a stomachache. His painful expression was deeply imprinted on my heart. The greatest pain was to be a bystander from the beginning to the end. You can see the direction of the situation, but you can��t control it and change it. I can't always stand alone in the mouth of the village, looking at the distance and staring, my eyes are empty and confused. I clearly felt his helplessness and uneasiness. He looked at the magnolia in disappointment and said faintly: "I used to say it was A flower that won't kill, but it's just a flower. After all, like the sun, it's both a sun and a sunset. There is a lonely secret in his heart, and this secret only I know soon my father is back, of course. He took me away. I cried and asked my grandfather to come together. I finally didn't marry him. Grandpa sold the land. My father said, "Go and live with us." He just shook his head gently. But it is so determined Online Cigarettes. It was raining that day, the train drove through the muddy path and splashed a piece of snow. The magnolia flower was scattered all over the place. The petals on the treetop were still fighting in the wind and the rain. The grandfather supported the umbrella at the entrance of the village. This scene is so familiar, just This time, only three months after the grandfather watched, the hometown sent a bad news, Grandpa was gone, died of stomach cancer, my father was very surprised, only I know that he is tired, have a rest. He left with a smile, because he no longer has to worry about becoming a burden to others. The magnolia flower at the entrance of the village is finally lost. Only the green leaves of the trees are shining in the sunlight, and the fading is real. Blooming is just a past. The happiness of time passes through the spring, summer, autumn and winter of the years, the years can be peeled off, the old can go, can be blown away by the wind, but some past events are always live under our careful care, and the old people in the nursing home finally show their smiles. The happy time of Magnolia will become our eternal treasure. This year's magnolia blossoms opened again. It is time to look at the old people. [The review article is touching and deep, and the image of Grandpa is in the author's pen, and he is sincere and sincere. Magnolia as a clue to the article, appeared in the picture of so many memories, so beautiful that people dare not look. As a bystander from beginning to end, the author looked at his grandfather slowly toward aging, but failed to accompany his grandfather to the end. There are two scenes of separation in the text. One is the departure of my father and my grandfather is standing at the entrance to the village. The other is that my father took me away and my grandfather stood alone under the magnolia. Yang Lan also described two such departures in the "Six Schools of the Dry School". The first place was the departure of Qian Zhongshu. Yang Lan and her daughter-in-law stood at the station and said goodbye. The second place was Yang Lan��s own departure. Because the son-in-law died, the daughter stood alone at the station and said goodbye. For the departure of the loved one, every time the farewell is a knife, but the place that touches me the most is not only these, but also the author��s big feelings, pushing others and people. The author is realized by the grandfather��s affairs that the most lonely is What, then I thought, "It��s time to look at the old people." Such love may be the best memory and commemoration for Grandpa.
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