After many years you come back to me, restlessness is full of your tired eyes, and I am telling me if you still believe in fairy tales. You once told me that every heart is lonely, every heart is fragile and eager to be touched, but your heart will burn forever, and will never retreat. - Milk coffee "The longer I grew up, the more I knew how long ago, I realized that my heart was beginning to feel restless." I found that I am no longer a simple self, and my heart can no longer be comfortable with the status quo. My heart is beginning to float, and the freshness of Gemini is also true. I have been unable to like the familiar things around me, and I am full of curiosity and yearning for freshness and strangeness. I hate the way I go every day when I was in elementary school. Therefore, I like to turn around the infinite extra bends and go through every corner of the large area. Whenever I go to a new place, I will be very excited. Of course, the price paid is that I went home one and a half hours later than normal after school, and three of my classmates were stronger than me. At least I turned to the infinite detour, and also walked in the direction of my home Marlboro Gold. They could go in the opposite direction of the house, and took a long road and then returned. The elementary school is by the river, my family is in Hedong, and the three of them are in Hexi. Every day, three of them will work hard with me to go east after school. All three of them are big money, so the four foods eat all the way to the east. Do not think that they are going to the east is no purpose! Because in the sixth grade, I opened a fried chicken fast food restaurant near my home, where is the destination of their group! They worked hard and went all the way to the opposite direction of the house. They just came here to buy a hamburger and a cone. Then they were divided into sevens and pieces. Finally, the three of them held the rest side by side. The "wreck" went west. In their backs, I saw a thing, the child who lived in Hexi with courage Marlboro Red, must be curious about everything in Hedong; the children who live in Hedong must also be unfamiliar with everything in Hexi. These places in the Hedong area, where I have been well-versed, have been so freshly talked about when they passed by. I was amazed at the time and asked them if they hadn��t been there before, and they nodded for granted. I admire them for a moment. In such a tense sixth grade, they can take so much time every day to get involved in these unknown areas. It��s really courageous Parliament Cigarettes. I admire their courage. Of course, I don��t have it myself. This kind of courage. Hexi is more prosperous than the east of the river, so it is not unusual for people in Hedong to go to Hexi, and of course the Hexi people will not go to Hedong. As a Hedong people who have a great desire to explore, I have traveled with curiosity from my home to the primary school to the station, which is a large area of ??Hedong and Hexi. I greedily took these fresh places away until they were so cooked that I didn't want to get involved anymore. So, a large hometown was familiar, and I couldn't find any place nearby that made me want to go. So my heart began to move, I want to get out of here, I don��t know when, I fell in love with drifting?
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