Just Keto Diet Within the academies, it is important to emphasize that you should not apply force to your opponents, but knowledge of the movements helps your body to become stronger and prepared for possible shocks or blows. 5. Lean Mass and Fat Mass Who does not want to burn those unwanted fats and still gain lean mass? Yes, with only a few months of Muay Thai training, you can parade a leaner silhouette and a better compound body, as it will achieve better fat and body mass index. The benefits of Muay Thai still allow you to tone your body, which can be very effective in boosting your immune system, thus keeping the body in shape, and especially reducing the possibility of disease. You may notice the physical benefits right after the fourth week of practice, your metabolism will change, your body will be more strengthened and defined, thus evidencing the muscles that were once under the fat layer. When we refer to metabolism, it is said that Muay Thai can favor it not only during practice, but also throughout the day, giving a little kick to those wishing anabolic effect. It is important to note that Muay Thai is not responsible for high muscle gains, so many athletes and athletes reconcile Muay Thai routines and bodybuilding, which is a more powerful combination. 6. Flexibility The movements and strokes performed in regular Muay Thai workouts allow you to improve your flexibility, thus conditioning you to many other activities. Body flexibility can reduce discomfort and further promote some daily activities. The execution of the movements can become easier, and the possibility of occurrence of injuries becomes smaller. 7. Motor Coordination Dodge, kick, jab ... Well, reconciling scams and movements using multiple limbs of your body can become a difficult task, but this occurs only initially. Regular training allows you to feel more and more prepared to hit the opponent, or to protect yourself from an attack. Some benefits of Muay Thai in this field are that your reaction time will be reduced, your reflex will become sharper, and you will keep evolving while you engage in sports.