Maxatron Plus Then squeeze up until the arms are fully extended. Note: This exercise can be done with dumbbells or in the simulator. In addition, the bar can not be lowered to the top of the chest, but to the top of the back behind the head. Craving for the chin. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take the bar neck with a narrow grip on top. In the initial position, the arms with the barbell are lowered down in front of you. From this position, “pull” the bar up to a level just below the chin. Keep the bar close to your body when lifting. Slowly Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement uncontrollably lower the projectile down. Note: Do not swing the torso while lifting! Thrust on the block to the bottom. Sit on a bench so that your knees are under support. Take the bar wide grip. Slightly arching your back Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement raising your chest, slowly lower the bar down to the chest. Control your movements Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement keep your elbows back. Also slowly return to starting position. Note: Do not “round” your back while pulling. The same exercise can be done in the “behind the head” version. Hyperextension. Position yourself so that your hips lie on a bench Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement your feet are under support. Cross your arms over your chest, bend at the waist, then slowly raise your torso to parallel with the floor. Note: During lifting, “help” by buttock tension. Do not raise the body above the parallel Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement do not make sudden “impulsive” movements. EZ-bar lift. Stand steady Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement upright. In the initial position, the arms are fully extended, elbows strictly on the sides of the body. Bending your arms, raise the bar up to a level just below the chin. Stretch your biceps at the top point Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement slowly lower the weight.